Sabé Masson Brune Melancolia


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Sabé Masson Brune Melancolia

And Galenic

The Soft Perfume invents a new ritual ... It is a nectar of perfume that slips on the skin: wrists, hollow arms, back of the knees, neck, neck, points of drive. An object of beauty and well-being that is carried everywhere with you in its graceful packaging ecological, all light. With a gesture, it perfumes and cares for the skin. Made with Nourishing Shea Butter in France.
Olfactive Family

Power of the senses

Olfactive family: an oriental spicy addictive. 
Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit. Heart notes: raspberry leaf, blackcurrant, pink, violet. Base notes: cinnamon, cedar, sandalwood.